Why Content Marketing for Your Business?

New Content Promotes Brand Awareness and Lead Acquisition

When you are deciding on the right content to engage your audience it can be helpful to know what people are doing when they search the web. There are three types of internet searches:

  1. Informational Search.Someone is searching for an answer to a question. It may be a new subject entirely or something already familiar to them. If the information is within your area of expertise, having that relevant content posted may be the difference between getting several new customers or none at all.
  2. Navigational Search.This destination-type search may be for an update on the weather, checking sports scores or the stock exchange, for example, or a similar type of search to get to a specific site.
  3. Transactional Search. If you buy something on the web you have done a transactional search. You may haved purchased something on Amazon, for instance, or made an electronic banking deposit.

Content marketers are chiefly interested in reaching those who are engaged in informational searches. Timely information that is presented clearly and written primarily to inform can promote loyalty, build trust and bring someone one step closer to making a purchase. Vihara Communications creates custom content to effectively reach and educate your audience.